Dixie Grace 8oz Candle Tins

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Dixie Grace 8 oz. Candle Tins

Available Scents:

*Broken Wings~ Violet, Jasmine, Wild Flowers, Apple & Musk
*Crossroads~ Clove, Mahogany, Spices & Bergamot
*Front Porch Thunderstorms~ Fresh Rain Scent
*Rebel Soul~ Cardamom, Jasmine, Brazilian Rosewood & Citrus
*Tear It Down~ Tangerine, Pineapple, Cassis, Saffron, Bergamot, Patchouli, Violet & Black Pepper.
*Sweet Dreams~ Fresh Lavender & a Slice of Lemon
*Whiskey & Sweet Tea~ Just like it sounds.
*Worn Out Saddles~ New & worn out Leather

 ~Women owned and based in the Midwest outside of St. Louis, MO, Dixie Grace Hand-Crafted Home Fragrance began as a hobby on founder’s Katherine Miller’s dining room table. Their scents and products are crafted for your soul and they live by their slogan “Where Rebellion Meets Redemption.” 

Pure soy. Phthalate Free. Wooden Wick. 
Burn time (approximate) 8 oz. ~ 40 to 50 hours/ 16 oz. ~ 80 to 90 hours.